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One day as we arrived in one of our little Schools “CarePoints”, we found this 4 years old boy laying outside very weak and running a fever. As we questioned him to find out what’s happening, we found out that the last time he ate ANYTHING was the meal we gave him almost 24 hours before. We quickly gave him some cookies to put some sugar into his system and asked the Cook to feed him whatever was already done. About 20 minutes after he ate, the little boy was playing with his friends, later we checked his temperature and the fever was gone. All he needed was Food!

Our hearts were broken. We had some similar situations happening on the other CarePoints after that. We than decided we needed to do something about it.

That’s when we came up with the “Sponsor a School Feeding Program”

Feeding Children in Schools

In Swaziland, most of the Children eat ONE MEAL a day and it’s at School.

Because the children starts going to school at the age of six, the children age 5 and under are extremely malnourished. The communities relies on food given to their kitchens “Care Points” by international non-profits to feed these little ones that usually lives with their grannies, together with other siblings and cousins, the number at a household can be around eleven children or more.

Unfortunately, food doesn’t always reach the deep in the forest and rural areas.

You can make a difference by giving $1/day or more.
Together we can save children’s lives!


Our Dream is to give the Children, “3 Meals a Day”

As we continue helping with clothing, education and Medical attention.

We are now helping 5 different Communities.

We give them ONE MEAL a day, Medical attention, Clothes, Shoes, Early Education and lots of Love.



School located in the poorest community we work with, being on the Low Feld its extremely Hot and Dry area. We care for over 50 children.



Located in the 2nd poorest community we work with, on the Low Feld its extremely hot and dry area. We care for over 50 children.



The 3rd poorest Community we work with. It’s a hot and rocky place located next to the Mozambique Border. Where we care for over 50 children daily.



“The King will reply, Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

Mathew 25:40