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It all started as a Childhood’s dream!

I was about 5 or 6 years old, it was a Sunday afternoon, right after Morning Church Service. I went to buy Rotisserie Chicken with my Dad in my Birth Town of Governador Valadares in Brazil. It was Family tradition! As we walked by the steps of the Bus Station there was a Homeless lady breastfeeding her baby, with 2 other toddler sitting by her side begging for Money. My dad always stopped to help, but I remember him telling this lady, I will not give you money but I will buy you food. We bought food and Milk for the Children. This impacted me so much, that to this day it’s vivid in my mind. As an innocent child I asked my dad if we could take them to live with us, he answered with a tender heart, I wish I could. He had me and my four siblings to take care of, and it was already a handful for him and my Mom. So I told him “WHEN I GROW UP I’M GOING TO TAKE EVERYONE OFF THE STREETS”, and that’s where it all began, my dream to become a Missionary!

Angelica Ramos
Founder / General Director


About Africa…

about africa

In 2007 after doing a few work with Street Children in Brazil, someone invited me to visit the country of Swaziland, Southern Africa to give shoes to Orphan Children in an OVC School (Orphan and Vulnerable Children School). It was Love at First Sight! We spent six amazing weeks, we gave shoes to over 300 children, and the smile on their faces won my heart for life! After I came home, my life was never the same, I had found My Calling!

The Calling…

The Calling

In 2008 God put in my heart to leave everything behind and spend 11 Months learning about the Swazi people, their Culture, their needs and so on… Since then it has become my Mission, and now my Home away from Home.

Since 2007 God has entrusted us with a great Mission, and with the grace of God, the help of family, friends, friend of friends, churches, social media, we have grown and continue to grow in the Ministry.

Our Mission…

  • Care for the Spiritual, Emotional and Physical needs of the Children and Elderly.
  • Provide Children age 6 Months to 6 Years old with daily Nutritional Food, and early Education.
  • Provide Housing for the needy.
  • Provide Clean Water in Rural area by Drilling Water Wells.
  • Care for Families back to health, so they can care for themselves.
  • Provide Families with tools, seedlings, farm animals for consumption and profit.
  • And take in other Challenges that comes our way daily.

Our Vision…

  • Share the Love of Christ to every person we come across, by Loving on them.
  • Grow together with the Children we care for, making sure they have a better Future.
  • Raise a Future Generation full of Hope, Dreams, Love and Self-respect.

Our Dream…

  • Buy the Mission House that we rent, and the next door House to make it into a Recreation Center for After School Program that will include but not limited to:
    • Tutoring
    • Music Lessons
    • Sports
    • Handcrafts
    • Cooking Classes
    • Farming
    • Computer lessons
    • Bible Studies
  • Buy a Farm so we can raise animals, Plant, and Provide Jobs opportunity for many.

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Mike Garcia
Pastor / USA Coordinator


Cristiane Magalhaes
Operations Manager


Thobile Ndzimandze
Youth & Children Director



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